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I'm Fiona, a Brisbane life coach who empowers people to face their challenges and achieve their goals. 

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Do you need MOTIVATION to change negative behaviours? 

Do you want to find and embrace your inner STRENGTHS?   

Do you want to TAKE CONTROL of your life? 

 I'm Fiona McIntyre, a north Brisbane motivational coach that provides face-to-face and online counselling and coaching to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.  

With over 20 years experience of coaching and counselling people, I provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment that allows you to challenge negative thoughts and behaviours, learn new coping strategies, build your self confidence and achieve your goals.


I focus on goal setting coaching to help you clarify your goals, and together, we'll develop a plan to achieve them. You'll learn new ways to address problems, respond to stress, set healthy boundaries, practice self-care and stay on track.    

“I met Fiona at a time when I was (and still am) needing a safe, non-judgemental person who I could open up to about a journey my family is on. Fiona listens, makes me feel heard and offers practical advice and strategies. I feel very fortunate to have Fiona to talk life with.”



Being a human is hard these days - you're expected to be perfect and have a harsh inner critic ready to pounce the minute you make one small mistake.

You're flattened by the stress and pressure coming from every direction, but feel too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help.

Your body hurts from the unresolved emotional baggage you've been carrying around and years of fake smiles.   

You constantly feel foolish, flawed and frustrated, so comfort yourself with alcohol or food, but find yourself consuming more and more, trying to fill the void.    

You might also be struggling with your recent ADHD diagnosis, that has turned your life upside down, and made you reconsider every aspect of your life. 

You're unhappy,  overwhelmed and stuck in a negative cycle of false starts - wanting to change, giving up when it's too hard and promising yourself next time will be different. 

Your self-esteem is shattered and you doubt your ability to change.  

It's time to fire up, focus and find the confidence hiding inside you.  

It's time to forgive yourself, free yourself and fortify yourself.


It's time to forge the fabulous, fantastic and flourishing life you want and deserve.


Identify your triggers

Make positive changes

Release the past

Gain self confidence

Achieve your goals


I understand your struggles because they were mine. 

I'm a mother of two, with lived experience of trauma, depression and anxiety. 

I was an emotional eater for 23 years, until I lost 35 kilos, which I've kept off for over 20 years.


I was a binge drinker for 30 years, until I started my sober journey on 1 January 2023. 


I was diagnosed with ADHD at 47 years old. 

I thought I was so flawed - too imperfect to be loved or to love myself. 


I was drowning in a cesspool of self-hatred and shame until I realised I needed help.  

Being vulnerable enough to admit that was the first step to healing myself.    

It's not easy - I had to work through the anguish of cravings, the discomfort of feeling my feelings, the challenge of learning new coping strategies and figuring out who I truly was.


You can hear my story on the How I Quit Alcohol podcast.  

SPOILER ALERT - I did it! I am doing it. And life has never been better.

I became a life coach so I can use my experience, and qualifications in trauma-informed psychology, counselling and alcohol practice, to help others achieve the same freedom, self-confidence and joy.



Alcohol Coaching

Learn how to moderate alcohol or stop drinking, reduce your risk of relapse and live an un-boring life! 


Weight Loss Coaching

Learn how to positively manage your emotions, love your body and ditch the scales forever!


ADHD Coaching

Learn how to focus, reduce your overwhelm and use your brain's stregnths! 

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Check out what's included in a coaching session and we can organise a free, 15 minute chat to see how I can help you to reclaim your power and reach your true potential.

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