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Do you reach for a drink whenever you're stressed?


Do you find it impossible to just have one or two drinks?  


Do you wake up with regret from the night before? 


I know how you feel because I felt that way for 30 years - constantly trapped in the negative cycle of trying to reduce my drinking and feeling shame, guilt and anxiety when I couldn't. 

After many failed attempts at moderation, I finally decided to reclaim my life and started my sober journey on 1 January 2023. You can hear my story on the How I Quit Alcohol podcast.  

Alcohol does nothing but rob us of our self-respect, values, joy, health and money and life's too short for that. 

The answer is simple - our thoughts and feelings create our behaviour so if you're ready to identify what's really causing you to drink the whole bottle, I can help. 

It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Whether you want to stop, take a break or just learn to moderate, I can help you figure out what's really causing your reliance on alcohol so you can leave the shame, guilt and anxiety behind.     


Appointments are available in my welcoming consultation room at Banyo or via Telehealth online.

My qualifications

  • Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs Practice (2023)

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (2006)

  • Bachelor of Business, majoring in Communications (2002)

  • 20 years working in corporate coaching, communications and change management

  • Personal lived experienced of childhood trauma, emotional eating disorder, depression, anxiety, infertility, pregnancy loss, adult ADHD diagnosis and a binge drinker for 30 years

  • Sober since 1 January 2023. 


This is your journey so we'll work together to develop the right therapeutic approach for you, guided by what's worked for me and other clients. 


Useful tools &  resources

Validation & motivation

Alcohol assessment

Relapse prevention

Unconditional support

 Please note: If you are physically-dependent on alcohol, please seek medical advice before attempting to change your drinking patterns. Alcohol withdrawal can cause life-threatening implications and coaching is NOT a replacement for a medically-supervised withdrawal program.

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