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Do you suffer from a lack of focus or impulse control?

Do you struggle with social interactions and forming positive relationships?   

Do you want to know how to support your ADHD child or explain ADHD to your family? 

I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 47, which threw me for a spin. You can read about my diagnosis in my Welcome to Adult ADHD booklet

I spent my entire life masking my challenges, trying desperately to just be "normal." So, my diagnosis allowed me to put the masks down and be my true self - once I figured out who that was.  


As an ADHD coach, I can help you to understand your brain and embrace its strengths. I can explain things in a way that makes sense because my brain works the same as yours.

I can also help you if you're struggling with knowing how to support your child with ADHD or explaining your needs to your family so they can support you. 


Together, we'll work on identifying tools and strategies to help you overcome your challenges, improve your relationships and and achieve your goals.

Being diagnosed with ADHD can often create a range of emotional responses, so we can also address those to help create a strong sense of self-confidence and worth. 


I follow the Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines for ADHD and use a strengths-based approach so we capitalise on your unique strengths. We'll look at how your brain works, identify the constraints that might be holding you back and set up a plan to create the life you want.    

Appointments are available in my welcoming consultation room in Brisbane or via Telehealth online.

My qualifications

  • Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs Practice (2023)

  • Understanding ADHD (2023)

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (2006)

  • Bachelor of Business, majoring in Communications (2002)

  • 20 years working in corporate coaching, communications and change management 

  • Personal lived experienced of childhood trauma, emotional eating disorder, alcohol use, depression, anxiety, pregnancy loss, infertility, adult ADHD diagnosis and mother of neuro-divergent children

  • Wrote and self-published "Welcome to ADHD", a simple guide to help adults understand and share their diagnosis 

  • 30 years of self-help through counselling, psychology, psychiatry, hypnosis and art therapy

  • Personal interest, research and study into trauma-informed care, ADHD and autism management, relaxation techniques, holistic healing and colour therapy.  

This is your journey so we'll work together to develop the right therapeutic approach for you, guided by what's worked for me and other clients. 


Useful tools & strategies

Embrace your brain's strengths

Improve your communication

Reduce overwhelm & find balance

Be your authentic self

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